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kappa alpha order confederate flag

Pittenger has said he does not plan to run for the seat. “After the Civil War, [Lee] emerged as one of the most important and nationally appreciated figures in healing the divisions of that conflict,” the website says. Learn how your comment data is processed. I did not know at that time that Nathan Bedford Forrest had adopted the flag as a symbol of the KKK.”. Lee was its president. Judge Frank Whitney said during his time at Wake Forest University he never considered his participation in the fraternity to be an expression of support for the Confederacy. After graduating from Wake Forest University in 1982, Whitney attended law school at UNC-Chapel Hill, leading to a clerkship under David Sentelle, a federal appellate judge for the District of Columbia Circuit. And at such Kappa Alpha parties, members often wore Confederate costumes, a … “Her and I have a great relationship,” Watts said. It has been speculated by Allen Trelease that "Kuklos Adelphon almost certainly provided the model" for the early Klan. The website’s treatment of Lee emphasizes the Confederate general’s family ties to George Washington and holds him up as an agent of reconciliation. At any time, you may request to be removed from our email list, and you may request all data to be removed from our database. “The Confederate leadership committed treason. Yes,” he said. Kappa Alpha Order finally prohibited its members from displaying the Confederate flag in 2001, according to the national organization. That fraternity was the Kappa Alpha Order. Nikki Haley knows what the cause was. The Nashville district attorney general Glenn Funk just had to bow and scrape because his 1982 Wake Forest University yearbook had a picture of him posing with frat brothers around a Confederate Flag. And it started LONG before the Civil War. Watts recalled the dialogue with Kappa Alpha as amicable. They needed something more racist. During the hourlong speech, Judge Whitney never says anything complimentary about the Confederacy, while crediting President Lincoln for “instructing Sherman to make sure that the property of the people of North Carolina was not destroyed.”. On Feb. 20, the Greenville News reported that South Carolina Gov. In the early 1900s when black people in the south began to vote, Confederate monuments started springing up to remind citizens of the lost cause of white supremacy. Triad City Beat exists to chronicle the North Carolina Triad cities of Winston-Salem, High Point, and Greensboro as low-cost incubators of innovation, sustainability and creativity. The lens swiveled to the University of Alabama in 2009 when the Alpha Kappa Alpha order members wore Confederate uniforms and paraded around carrying battle flags during their “Old South” festivities, according to nbcnews.com. Kappa Alpha Order chapter at Southwestern University suspended for releasing a statement denouncing the organization's historical ties to the Confederacy. “We apologized to them as to our misunderstanding as to how flying the Confederate flag was insensitive,” Whitney recalled. But, like the moving of the flags from the windows, nothing really changed at Transy. Re-posted with permission. We still have fraternities that are flying the Confederate flag or having blackface shows.”. Plus, that flag was designed by an immigrant. Part 7. Members of the Kappa Alpha Order, dressed in Confederate military uniforms, escort their dates from the James Dormitory at Centenary College during the … Richard Watts said he is inclined to accept apologies from people who once associated with the Confederate flag, as long as they show that they can grow from their experiences. Although his name is listed under the fraternity’s group photo in 1985, he is not actually in the photo. Here’s the scene when Little Rock, Arkansas, was integrated. Kappa Alpha Order uses the Confederate Flag to symbolize their support for Robert E. Lee, states rights over Federalism and such not for racism and support for slavery. One of the things they were intent on is spreading the use of the Confederate flag. A ban on Confederate uniforms, parades and trappings followed in 2010, and in 2016 the national organization also prohibited social event nomenclature associated with the Civil War period, driving a stake in the Old South Ball. And only one political mechanism works: Fascism. Of course, they adopted the Confederate Battle Flag of Lee, too. “The Civil War was fought, in part, to preserve slavery; that was reprehensible,” Whitney said. KA Order has two flags. The Circle of Brothers group from UNC in 1812? The fraternity’s material on Robert E. Lee focuses almost exclusively on his definition of “gentleman.” The website quotes Lee extensively on the subject. The Cactus entry notes that Kappa Alpha Order was organized at Washington College in 1865 “under the guidance of Robert E. Lee” and mentions that “an Old South Week, including the traditional ball, was held in the spring.”. Richardson sold the franchise in May 2018 following a report by Sports Illustrated that he made significant monetary settlements to employees complaining of sexual harassment and on at least one occasion directed a racial slur at an African-American Panthers talent scout. Kappa Alpha Order was founded in 1865 at a time when the term risk management would have sounded as Greek as our letters. In 1992, I was almost arrested trying to stop an “Old South” parade at my University. We left Winston-Salem for the weekend. I guess I have to ask how many of you think even this is wrong even though it has nothing to do with slavery or racism at all? Reportedly, UA KA fraternity paused their parade in front of the house of a historically black sorority. Send such requests to admin@demcastusa.com. You look at the actions of Black Lives Matter and people like Al Sharpton who have not condemned it — we never heard President Obama condemn the violence of Black Lives Matter.”, To McClatchy News, Pittenger clarified: “While I have condemned the white supremacists, I have made no direct connection between Black Lives Matter and KKK. The 1993 Millsaps College yearbook shows members of the Kappa Alpha fraternity with darkened faces. Whitney, who worked as a federal prosecutor for a decade before receiving appointment as US attorney for the Eastern District and then as a judge in the Western District by President Bush, said that members knew the Confederate flag was offensive when they displayed it in the 1980s because black students at Wake told them so, but insisted that for them it was never about race and never intended as a signal of support for the Confederacy. One of the aspects of Daily, Gregg Kennard for GA-102 and Against Confederate Monuments, COVID wake-up call, Maddox attacks Beshear’s faith, Slam the Door on Trumpism, Not Working Families, The Story of Cumberland Posey, the only person in both the baseball and basketball Halls of Fame, How a National Campaign by White Terrorists Overthrew the US Government, 100+ Civil Rights, Racial Justice, Labor, and Grassroots Groups Demand Trump Be Immediately Removed from Office, Co-Conspirators Held Accountable, Prescott Indivisible Call To Action – Jan 8, 2021. Main Content. However, there is the reality of hate and violence with Black Lives Matter and antifa, and why should they get a pass?”, And in 2016 Pittenger apologized for a comment he made about protesters in Charlotte demonstrating against the police killing of Keith Lamont Scott. Every year, a fraternity would parade through the street. We have spent trillions of dollars on welfare, and we’ve put people in bondage, so they can’t be all that they’re capable of being.”. Whitney told City Beat that during his years in college he understood that the Civil War was fought over “state’s rights,” adding, “State’s rights meant slavery. Tate Reeves took part in his fraternity's Old South parties. “This is important because even the nicest men, most of them white with a few non-whites, were still interested in joining (the Kappa Alpha) Order and being surrounded by Confederate flags … Whitney said as a high school student in Charlotte he participated in Revolutionary War and Civil War reenactments, but he said that as a 16- and 17-year-old he portrayed a Union soldier. In 1904, the United Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy issued a report saying the Lee flag was the official Confederate flag. They had (and still have) Senators, mayors and governors. They thought the Confederate flag had too much of a resembled the U.S. Keeping time is a vital virtue that one should consider when in school. slavery is in the course of ultimate extinction. Durable 100% Polyester, Metal Grommets for Hanging, Printed on Demand. But they never called it the “Confederate Flag” because they had a more common nickname: Originally posted on Twitter. Textbooks adopted it as fact. Could've had something to do with the huge portrait of Jefferson Davis hanging in the lobby of the hall that the KAs called home. Kappa Alpha issued a national ban on the donning of the Confederate uniforms the following year. The member in the middle appears to be wearing a painted Confederate battle flag on his face. Could've had something to do with the huge portrait of Jefferson Davis hanging in the lobby of the hall that the KAs called home. The bullshit Lee flag would revive itself as the flag of white supremacy for the REAL civil war in America: The Civil Rights Movement. Other people surrounded me before the police did. To me, that says a lot about where she has been and where she is now.”. As some of you are aware, the 1982 edition of The Howler included a photo of me taken with the Kappa Alpha Order in front of a Confederate flag hung prominently on campus. Kappa Alpha Order was established in Lexington, Virginia, at Washington College (now Washington and Lee University) in 1865. The flag became ubiquitous on Southern campuses and now was associated with racist Southern Democrats who resisted integration. Tennessee Gov. ALL of these new statues would feature the Lee flag, even though no one used them in their State. When he became president, a new fraternity organized on campus, called the Kappa Alpha Order. Two local lawyers and a federal judge who appeared in the Wake Forest University Howler yearbook photo in the 1980s posing with the Confederate flag have apologized for their actions. It's now on every major college campus. Meanwhile, at Washington College, there was a new president: General Robert E. Lee. 249 likes. Teall Capital, the company Sutton founded and chairs, holds ownership interests in the Winston-Salem Dash and the Sunshine beverage company, along with a bevy of other companies in the hospitality, sports marketing, wine, agribusiness, tech, real estate and restaurant sectors. “When I had a minority student, I would call her and she would help me get that student to Wake. More than 70 alumnae of the sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, sent a petition to Alabama President Robert Witt complaining about the use of Confederate flags and uniforms on campus. “That’s the most incredible case I’ve worked on in my life, and nothing will ever top that,” Whitney said. It is likely that this organization inspired the creation of the Kappa Alpha Order. https://demcastusa.com/2019/12/08/the-truth-behind-the-confederate-flag https://demcastusa.com/2019/12/08/the-truth-behind-the-confederate-flag They clearly understood at the time that they were not benign symbols. Notwithstanding its careful protection of its reputation, Kappa Alpha Order includes Thomas Dixon Jr., who attended Wake Forest, among its distinguished alumni. He is also a member of Kappa Alpha Order. “The power which the strong have over the weak, the employer over the employed, the educated over the unlettered, the experienced over the confiding, even the clever over the silly — the forbearing or inoffensive use of all this power or authority, or a total abstinence from it when the case admits it, will show the gentleman in a plain light.”. Allman and Pittard have issued public apologies for posing with the flag, with Allman owning up to “perpetuating harm” and Pittard calling his participation “a mistake that hurt and angered others.”. I’m about to show y’all how this shit is all linked. We stand for the segregation of the races and the racial integrity of each race; the constitutional right to choose one’s associates; to accept private employment without governmental interference, and to earn one’s living in any lawful way. Tate Reeves participated in the Kappa Alpha fraternity at Millsaps College. Kappa Alpha Order finally prohibited its members from displaying the Confederate flag in 2001, according to the national organization. It was a boring read — and it had no less than 4 (count em!) Watts served on the Student Relations Committee with Frank Whitney, the future federal judge, although he says he doesn’t remember Whitney. Another former clerk for Sentelle, Neil Gorsuch, went on to serve on the US Supreme Court. Kappa Alpha chapters at institutions of higher learning outside of the state have also produced prominent political and business leaders. I would never condone and defend the Confederacy.”. So why did I go through all that KA, Circle of Brothers BS? They are dedicated to preserving the “Old South.”. A federal judge and the general counsel for Baptist Hospital join the dean of admissions at Wake Forest University in expressing regret for appearing with the Confederate flag as members of the Kappa Alpha fraternity at Wake in the 1980s. “When you talked to individuals who are members of the fraternity, they tried to understand where we were,” said Watts, who now works with the Crosby Scholars Community Partnership, a nonprofit that helps Forsyth County students prepare for college. These folks would have known these symbols were hateful and that they caused hurt and emotional harm to African Americans. More than 70 alumnae of the sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, sent a petition to Alabama President Robert Witt complaining about the use of Confederate flags and uniforms on campus. Hold The Companies Funding Their Campaigns Accountable. Posts by or about political candidates do not imply endorsement. Warren, who graduated cum laude from Wake Forest, could not be reached for comment for this story, but Claire Sauls Glover, his law clerk in Raleigh, referred questions to the fraternity’s national administrative office in Lexington, Va. Ben C. Sutton Jr., whose name appears on the Kappa Alpha roster in the yearbooks, graduated with a BA in 1980 and completed his law degree at Wake Forest in 1983. Then, in 1948, in opposition to the Democratic Truman integrating the army and supporting civil rights legislation, Southern Democrats started the Southern States Rights Party or the Dixicrats. Their official logo was the Confederate flag. Jordan Green is the senior editor at Triad City Beat. This Doesn’t Start At The Steps Of The Capitol. Robert Pittenger, a former congressman from North Carolina, was initiated into the Kappa Alpha Order at the University of Texas in Austin in 1967. In 1970, Pittenger served as the recording secretary for the Kappa Alpha chapter at the University of Texas, according to the Cactus yearbook. As I have, I’ve been reading a lot of commentary this morning on the outcome, The Protect the Results coalition is a bipartisan coalition of more than 175 advocacy. There are no ads. “We worked out with them that we would only fly the flag for our photo and at the beginning of the weekend when we held the Old South Ball, and we’d only wear the Confederate uniform to deliver invitations to the Old South Ball. They had the intellectual resources to appreciate the significance of them standing before this symbol of hate and violence.”. It will not only apply in school, but one will also apply it in their workplace. A former NFL player, Richardson established the Carolina Panthers franchise in Charlotte. Nikki Haley said the Confederate Flag was a symbol of “service and sacrifice and heritage.”. Panel discussion on Confederate flag to be held Sept. 2. The views and opinions expressed on this site are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policies or positions of the DemCast organization. But the most significant case he was involved in, Whitney said in a Constitution Day speech at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2016, was the recovery of North Carolina’s copy of the Bill of Rights, which was stolen by a Union soldier during General William Tecumseh Sherman’s occupation of Raleigh in 1865. But the story of how it became the symbol of the Confederacy and white supremacy is even more interesting. DemCast is an advocacy-based 501(c)4 nonprofit. In an interview with BBC Newsnight, Pittenger had said, “The grievance in their minds — the animus, the anger — they hate white people, because white people are successful and they’re not.” He added, “It is a welfare state. The only reason I wasn’t arrested was because when I broke through the barricade and tried to stop it. "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor." “Things have not changed. The fraternity page includes of photo of brothers dressed in Confederate uniforms. Richard Watts, who served as president of the Black Student Alliance at Wake Forest University in 1982, recalled that the Kappa Alpha Order frequently displayed the Confederate flag outside their residence hall. “I think a lot of folks say, ‘That was a long time ago,’” Thornhill said, “but it was clearly only two decades past — or a decade and a half — past the modern civil rights movement. There are no Confederate flag photos in the section, but the entry describes a set of rituals and trappings that are nearly identical to those seen in the Wake Forest University yearbook in the late 1970s and early 1980s. 74.2 million Americans voted for Trump, and they're not going anywhere. If you appreciate our content, please consider a small monthly donation. I knew the Confederacy backed slavery.” But he said that during his years in college he did not realize that the Confederate flag had been adopted by Ku Klux Klan founder Nathan Bedford Forrest. Bill Lee dressed in a Confederate uniform at an Old South Ball as a member of the Kappa Alpha Order at Auburn University in 1980. Born into an elite family, Whitney attended a Sunday School class at Myers Park Presbyterian taught by future Charlotte Mayor Richard Vinroot, according to a profile in the Charlotte Observer. Since then, Kappa Alpha Order has banned the display of Confederate flags (in 2001); the wearing of Confederate uniforms (in 2010); and any references … August 25, 2015. My wife’s been gone for days, visiting her father down in South Carolina with her sister. Wake Forest University was an elite school. It’s now on every major college campus. In August 2017, the congressman defended Trump’s “both sides” comments about the violence at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va. The photo shows her and members of the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity standing on a staircase that has a Confederate flag hanging on it, The Howler yearbook shows. Dixon is the author of the 1905 novel The Clansman: A Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan, which was adapted into the groundbreaking and racist film Birth of a Nation.

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